Editor for Golang

Visual Studio Code (VS Code): A highly popular and versatile code editor with excellent support for Golang through various extensions. It offers features like code highlighting, autocompletion, debugging, and integrated terminal.

  1. GoLand: Developed by JetBrains, GoLand is a dedicated IDE for Go development. It provides a rich set of features, including intelligent code completion, refactoring, debugging, and testing support.
  2. Atom: An open-source text editor with a large community and numerous Golang packages available as extensions. Atom provides a customizable and modern development environment for Go programming.
  3. Sublime Text: A lightweight and fast text editor with a plethora of third-party packages available to enhance Golang development capabilities.
  4. Vim: A powerful and highly customizable text editor favored by many experienced developers. Vim offers strong support for Go development through various plugins.
  5. Emacs: Similar to Vim, Emacs is another powerful and customizable text editor with Golang support through extensions and modes.
  6. LiteIDE: A simple and lightweight IDE explicitly designed for Go development. It provides essential features like code completion, syntax highlighting, and code navigation.
  7. Nano: A straightforward and user-friendly command-line text editor available on most Unix-based systems. It’s a great option for quick editing tasks on remote servers or for those who prefer a simple interface.

Ultimately, the best text editor for Golang depends on your preferences, workflow, and the features you require. Try out a few editors to see which one suits you best and boosts your productivity as a Golang developer.